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Tree Pruning Service Inverness:

RH Tree Contractors provides expert tree pruning, removal, felling and cutting services in the Inverness area, Nairn, Aviemore, Skye & surrounding areas in the highlands. utilizing safe and appropriate methods for various locations. we are known as one of the best inverness tree removal service. Our team of qualified and insured arborists and tree surgeons offer professional tree removal services across Inverness and coverage across the North of Scotland, covering a wide range of settings from urban gardens to public parks and roads.

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tree pruning service inverness
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Best Tree Pruning Service Inverness:

Inverness tree pruning service:
Tree pruning involves utilizing a variety of tree care methods, such as Deadwooding, Crown/Canopy Thinning, and Lifting. It is important to note that a single technique is typically not enough to adequately care for a tree and ensure its long-term health and vitality.

Prior to commencing Tree Pruning, it is essential to assess the shape, size, condition, and species of each tree and develop a meticulous plan. After the necessary work has been done, the tree should be left in a safe, well-balanced, and healthy state to ensure a long life.

The ABC method of cutting will be employed to ensure a coordinated and secure removal of branches, minimizing the risk of tearing. For larger limbs that require removal, ropes will be utilized to carefully lower them to the ground, guaranteeing the safety of both the tree and its surroundings.

The branches that are diseased, damaged, or dead will be pruned all the way down to the branch collar. If there are any branches that are crossing and rubbing against each other, they can be either removed or pruned back to prevent any further contact. However, the overall shape of the tree will be maintained.

Highlands Tree Pruning Service

Tree Maintenance, Pruning and Reduction Services

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As trees mature and develop, they have the potential to become unruly if not properly cared for, posing a potential hazard or even a threat. Their size can become excessive, obstructing sunlight or becoming overwhelming in their stature.

At RH TREE CONTRACTORS SCOTLAND, we specialize in providing expert tree maintenance, pruning, and tree crown reduction services. Our team of skilled and certified tree surgeons ensures that all work is carried out professionally and efficiently.

The benefits/reasons for Inverness Tree Pruning Service:

  • Improve the overall appearance of the tree
  • Enhance the structure of the tree
  • For safety reasons i.e. to remove branches that may pose a threat to public safety
  • More light is let in and opens up a better view can be seen through the tree
  • Fruit Trees; Improve the size and quantity of the crop


RH Tree Contractors/tree surgery inverness cater to our customers with a broad range of expert services in Inverness/Highlands

Tree Pruning

Reducing trees in size, crown lifting, thinning out and siding out. removing dangerous or overhanging limbs or simply to improve light levels on a site.

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De-Veg and Ground Clearance

These works range from rhododendron and gorse removal to tree and scrub clearance

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Excavator/ machinery services

Using a variety of machines to safely and efficiently best deal with any challenging job site conditions and constraints

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Hedge trimming

Trimming and reducing all sizes and species of hedge, from small garden hedges at floor level, to large roadside hedge lines using MEWP's (cherry picker) to safely and efficiently keep all hedges neat, safe and properly shaped

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On site firewood processing.

Often once we have carried out the tree work on site we carry out firewood processing, leaving customers ready to season and then burn neat firewood from their previously standing trees

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Tree dismantling

We regularly fell trees from the ground or when required our appropriately qualified staff will carry out a dismantle using rope and harness based techniques.

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We take pride in only the highest standard and quality of work that we output. Read on to see what our customers have to say

"Hi, I used Robin and the team to give tree advice and remove two large trees . I have to say I was impressed with the quality of their work and tidiness. All logs cut to a sensible size , mulch was piled up neatly and both jobs completed on time . Happy to recommend RH tree contractors"

"After a recommendation we called RH Tree Contractors to trim back a very overgrown hedge. Robin was friendly and professional, told us he would rather wait a couple of weeks until the birds that live in the hedge had fledged so they wouldn't be disturbed which we really appreciated. He did a great job of taming and shaping the hedge, he took all the trimmings away,  his price was very reasonable and we will definitely use him again."

"RH Tree Contractors did a fantastic job taking down a large tree on my property. Robin who carried out the work was very polite and professional. If I need anymore work doing I will definitely be getting him back!! Would definitely recommend 👌"