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RH Tree Contractors possesses extensive expertise in the upkeep of trees in various forms and sizes. We have worked with a diverse range of trees, including both large and small, deciduous and evergreen. If you seek to ensure their optimal health, you can rely on us to perform the task safely, efficiently, and with a keen focus on aesthetics and your ultimate objective.

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10 million liability insurance certificates available on request

Tree Maintenance Service Inverness

tree maintenance service inverness

We will assess if your tree is within a Conservation Area or has a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to determine any restrictions on work. We will inform you of any constraints that may affect the proposed works. Tree protection orders may impose limitations on pruning and necessitate extra documentation, but these safeguards should be considered when planning.

Our tree surgeons in Inverness, Nairn and surrounding areas in the highlands are fully insured for any unforeseen circumstances. Epic Tree Care possesses insurance coverage for Public Liability, Employee Liability, and Professional Indemnity. Moreover, our team members are highly qualified and experienced. You can obtain copies of their NPTC City and Guilds Certificates, as well as our Insurance Documentation. Additionally, we hold a Waste Carriers license.

Tree care is a crucial aspect of overseeing trees in close proximity to individuals. It plays a vital role in guaranteeing public safety, structural safety, and providing overall peace of mind. Trees inherently offer numerous advantages as a landscaping element. These benefits include enhancing soil quality, providing cooling shade, improving soil structure, creating habitats, offering UV protection, and reducing noise levels. Additionally, when properly managed and maintained, trees seldom pose any negative consequences.

Tree Maintenance Services Scotland

tree maintenance service scotland

Please feel free to reach out to us for expert tree advice in Inverness, Highlands & Scotland. We pride ourselves on providing advice that is rooted in the latest tree science and adheres to the British standard for tree work (BS3998:2010). Our expertise extends to tree maintenance in Moray and beyond. The BS3998 standard plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and well-being of Britain's trees, and it aligns perfectly with our business goals of making a positive impact on the environment and the trees within it. We are committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in the field of arboriculture to ensure that we consistently offer sound advice. As this is a rapidly evolving science, exciting advancements are constantly being made, and we are thrilled to be a part of this dynamic field.

It is important to note that the Tree Pruning and Tree Maintenance standards in Britain strictly prohibit lopping and topping. These practices are strongly discouraged as they can have detrimental effects on trees. However, this does not imply that we cannot assist you if your trees are excessively large. There are several approved techniques available that can effectively manage the size of your trees.

These alternative methods are more gentle, preserving the tree's natural form and growth patterns. Educating and guiding on proper tree care practices is essential to ensure they continue to serve their various functions effectively. Improper pruning can lead to dense, unhealthy growth and safety hazards, often worsening the very issues it was meant to address. It is crucial to prune thoughtfully and considerately to enhance the tree's well-being and prevent exacerbating any existing concerns.

As a company and as people, we care for trees and nature. We work hard to ensure we are a positive influence on the natural world. And the customers who let us help them make the decisions regarding such an important feature in their space and lives.

* Tree maintenance can widely vary, please get in touch with us to arrange a day/time for us to come out and survey the project at bay. *

Tree Maintainence Services Highlands

tree maintenance services highlands

We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that any decisions made regarding tree maintenance are well-informed, aligning with their preferences and objectives. Whether it involves enhancing light exposure, preserving a specific species, promoting fruit production, preventing structural interference, or addressing any other pruning needs, we are here to assist. While trees in their natural habitat thrive without much intervention, urban settings often necessitate regular maintenance to prevent overgrowth and potential hazards. By implementing proper management practices, trees can be maintained in a healthy and sustainable manner, avoiding the need for removal in the long run.

  • Our team of skilled arborists in Inverness & the Highlands will provide expert guidance on the most suitable tree maintenance services for your needs. We take into account any constraints you may have, such as time, cost, or personal preferences, all at no additional cost during the quotation process.
  • This decision was made after careful consideration, as our teams put in a lot of effort and perform well. However, if it is directed towards the wrong goal or is made without proper information, it could lead to unfavorable outcomes. This is mainly due to the lack of communication.
  • In addition, a considerable amount of time is dedicated to the clean-up process, especially when it is necessary. We understand that you, as our valued customer, have consistently emphasized the significance of this aspect in the overall process. We are aware that proficient tree pruning comes at a cost, and our aim is to ensure that you perceive it as a worthwhile investment. Our ultimate goal is for you to gaze upon your rejuvenated green space with satisfaction. If we fail to achieve this, it means we have not fulfilled our responsibilities adequately.


RH Tree Contractors/tree surgery inverness cater to our customers with a broad range of expert services in Inverness/Highlands

Tree Pruning

Reducing trees in size, crown lifting, thinning out and siding out. removing dangerous or overhanging limbs or simply to improve light levels on a site.

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De-Veg and Ground Clearance

These works range from rhododendron and gorse removal to tree and scrub clearance

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Excavator/ machinery services

Using a variety of machines to safely and efficiently best deal with any challenging job site conditions and constraints

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Hedge trimming

Trimming and reducing all sizes and species of hedge, from small garden hedges at floor level, to large roadside hedge lines using MEWP's (cherry picker) to safely and efficiently keep all hedges neat, safe and properly shaped

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On site firewood processing.

Often once we have carried out the tree work on site we carry out firewood processing, leaving customers ready to season and then burn neat firewood from their previously standing trees

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Tree dismantling

We regularly fell trees from the ground or when required our appropriately qualified staff will carry out a dismantle using rope and harness based techniques.

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We take pride in only the highest standard and quality of work that we output. Read on to see what our customers have to say

"Hi, I used Robin and the team to give tree advice and remove two large trees . I have to say I was impressed with the quality of their work and tidiness. All logs cut to a sensible size , mulch was piled up neatly and both jobs completed on time . Happy to recommend RH tree contractors"

"After a recommendation we called RH Tree Contractors to trim back a very overgrown hedge. Robin was friendly and professional, told us he would rather wait a couple of weeks until the birds that live in the hedge had fledged so they wouldn't be disturbed which we really appreciated. He did a great job of taming and shaping the hedge, he took all the trimmings away,  his price was very reasonable and we will definitely use him again."

"RH Tree Contractors did a fantastic job taking down a large tree on my property. Robin who carried out the work was very polite and professional. If I need anymore work doing I will definitely be getting him back!! Would definitely recommend 👌"